Footage taken in Hambleton near Blackpool, at shard bridge and at Cleveleys promenade near Blackpool England. Leaving the house me and my partner both saw an object in the sky and began filming. Started taking video footage at 6.20pm and last footage shot at 7.05pm. We are not religious freaks, who seem to be dominating this subject, but are concerned citizens who have been following the Nibiru drama over the last few days. We decided to see if there was anything we could view at sunset on the promenade, as we have heard that those in the northern hemisphere can see it at dusk, but we stopped as we just left our driveway upon seeing this enormous, bright sphere shaped object in the sky, just to the lower left of the sun. We have never seen anything like this ever before and are firm believers that something is there. I also personally believe that shills have taken over this subject on purpose, so anybody seeing a video like this have linked it to religion and the second coming of Christ, what better way to discredit this information than have the looney nut job religious leaders making it a doomsday prophecy. Forget all that, and focus on the truth, believe with your eyes and form your own judgements. I am shocked the mainstream media have not picked this up… are they blind?


  1. You can see evening arriving in India and morning arriving over the Rockies.Note the curve of the terminator at the very North and South. This is the effect Berend is talking about. Because of the Earth’s tilt you get all day sun at the North Pole and longer days the further North you go during the Northern summer. (This picture shows daylight in April.) In December the curves would go the other way, narrowing in the North and all day sun in parts of Antarctica.I still think the day/night discussion is a red herring and the reason I gave above is the dead giveaway (along with the amazing glow-in-the-dark Sahara).


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