the Passage of the Nibiru will be this coming Friday, April 29th 2016. So I went looking for the evidence…. And today, Wow, there are two suns of equal size passing behind cloud. Rarely seen together, I’ve put together a composite clearly showing the two suns at their respective levels in the sky.

Three videos from April 20th, 22nd and today from the 23rd of April 2016 show the increases in its size.

April 20th 2016
North Pole
seen above the sun.

image Nibiru from the North Pole on April 20th 2016

no time given

April 22nd 2016

seen above the sun as a small circle.

image Nibiru from Brazil on April 22nd 2016

no time given
April 23rd 2016
no place given, but United States assumed
seen below the sun

image Nibiru from the United States on April 23rd 2016




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