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One of the possible consequences of the passage of the planet Nibiru is physically moving the poles of the earth (pole shift).

Numerous forecasts and ancient legends pointing in that direction, but also the observations of Inuit Eskimos and now finally to science.
You can imagine a mini-solar system with planets several times larger than the earth will provide the necessary distortions when it comes closer to our neighborhood.

What could it do for example, is acting with such large forces on the ground that these physical changes position. That is, making a move over a period of time which causes what is now the north and south poles, arrive on Earth at all other places. This is thus not the same as the movement of the magnetic poles.

For example, we wrote last year an article that raised the possibility that after the passage of Nibiru, India would stand at the South Pole.

We have in recent years several times stories can read about how to change the magnetic pole position. So much so that some airports had to adapt their runways, because the runway position relative to the magnetic pole as indicated on a landing strip, was not correct anymore.

So far there is really never formally been a deviation from the physical poles, until early this month when National Geographic came up with a story that the physical poles, not the magnetic poles to be moving. Not only that, it also means that changes the axis positions.

Because surely this must be found a statement, we throw it over again on the (hoax) caused global warming by humans.

However, when you consider the product carefully read, follow, like: “But physics is so complicated that physicists can not do much more than guess how it actually works in the real world.”

In other words: We have no idea why the poles and changing the Earth’s axis of position, so we guess but whatever.

When, however, assume that interact tremendous forces on the earth to provide for the increase in violent Earth changes such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, mass animal deaths, sinkholes, huge increase fireballs in the sky and so forth, then everything suddenly makes sense.

If the earth physical changes position than, for example, the position of the northern polar ice can change and reach warmer regions, so it will melt. Other areas where it was always warm up to now, will end up in colder regions. Has nothing to do with global warming caused by humans.

It is getting warmer in Alaska and seems to us to be getting colder. This is not so strange when you consider that the physical pole shift towards England.

Inuit Eskimos had much more in mind that what is going on, as we said in an article in 2011:

After a long period of darkness the sun came early this year to early inter alia over Norway, Greenland and Alaska.

In this time of Earth changes, the Inuit have their say about their changing environment. Both the position of the Sun and other stars when the wind changed, they say.

For the first time in the history of the westernmost town of Ilulissat Greenland came on 13 January, the sun already, two days earlier than normal. On January 20, the sun came up over the northern Norwegian city of Tromso, a day earlier than other years. The Sun came up Barrow in Alaska four days earlier than usual.

The Inuit in the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut Territory in Canada find that their entire environment is changing. They had previously exactly one hour to go seal hunting, while it is an hour of daylight left in the area.

The Inuit follow the sun throughout their lives. They find that the sunrise is not so much changed, but that the Sun is in a different place.

“The Sun was always at the highest peak under, but at some point he passed the mountain pass beneath,” says Elijah Nowdlak from Pangnirtung.

By the mainstream media, this was of course dismissed as “they imagine but whatever.”

The story of the Inuit’s right so indeed. The physical position of the earth has changed.

Because now the science admits that the physical poles are changing is part of an earlier article from 2013 interesting, about the possible consequences of a physical pole reversal, called the pole shift.

One thing is certain; were once the poles on Earth turn then there are great forces will break loose on our planet. So large that it is enough to land sinking and to newly resurrected.

Last week we published the prophecies of Mother Shipton, English witch and prophetess who spoke about people who would flee to higher ground with the arrival of Nibiru.

She was not the only one:

Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet amaze the world with the accuracy of his predictions. Although she (yet) all seem to have come true, this is the most it is the case and they proved to be absolutely correct.

A remarkable prediction he made was on January 1, 1945. On that day, Cayce predicted that he would be buried in four days. On January 3, 1945 he died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

He also correctly predicted the deaths of two American presidents, the crash of the stock exchange in 1929, the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler and the return of the Jews to Israel.

What is important for us is that Edgar Cayce also predicted great earth changes. He predicted that there would come a point that will reverse the physical poles of the earth (pole shift).

The crust of the earth in motion would be independent of the core of the earth, by which the earth’s surface will have a totally different appearance. He made these predictions in the period between 1920 and 1930. He indicated that this would begin in the second half of the last century.

He said literally:
“The earth will be in many places (open) broken. In the first part you will see a change in the physical appearance of the American West Coast. There will be open water appearing in the northern parts of Greenland. The bulk of Japan will disappear into the sea. The northern part of Europe will change in an instant. New land appears off the east coast of America. “

Although Edgar Cayce it predicts a pole shift is from these predictions not clear which this caused. He further gives no explanation of all the violent nature changes.

Someone who does, is Nancy Lieder of Zeta Talk. They also predicts a pole shift, but also gives it a very clear reason for it and the arrival of the unknown planet Nibiru.

They also augur well for Europe as a result of this pole reversal. However, unlike Cayce which says that all this will happen in an instant, she is talking about a gradual underwater currents of large parts of Europe. The parts are then taken according to her, the red colored areas on the map below.




The result is massive population movements which people with great urgency to find higher ground. So it seems that Russia, according to Nancy Lieder, has already indicated that they will close their borders if this happens, because then they will have their hands more than full with their own people.

A further clue may be found in the so-called Third Secret of Fatima. Officially, the explanation thereof as follows:

“The third secret was long known only to the Vatican. This secret would be made public in 1960 by the Pope. [1] Only in 2000 was announced by Vatican spokesman Joaquín Navarro-Valls. In the vision, have featured a white-robed bishop who is shot while walking with the cross between countless martyrs killed. This vision explains why post the third secret was a prophecy of the attack Mehmet Ali A?ca committed in 1981 Pope John Paul II. That attack also took place on May 13 and the pope believes therefore that it is to thank Our Lady of Fátima was that the bullet in his belly, and had not fallen into his head. Later, the resected bullet was incorporated into the crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. “

However, there is a good chance that the Third Secret of Fatima involved a very different message. So said Pope Paul II in a meeting with a group of German bishops after him for the secret of Fatima was asked in 1982:

“What is the point to alert the world to tell people that the oceans will leave their basin and the mainland will flood with hourly millions will die?”. And this was not the only time this pope gave such a message. In an earlier meeting with German bishops in 1980, he gave a message about the same effect. “It is utterly pointless to warn mankind for this.”


  1. There is something afoot as many realise and we wake up eat go about the day then do the same that is life, many die every day in conflict such as is on this earth our place at this time .


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