Nibiru (Planet X) Footage in the Europe region of the world.

Nibiru Clearly Visible Over Russia – Planet x News Update 2017

4/19/2017 BREAKING NEWS! RED ALERT!!! NIBIRU PLANET-X is coming for 2017!! Russia has Been warning us ever since 2012, they don't hide it. Share... Share......

Nibiru Over Russia (Visible) Jet dashcam – Planet x Update

Russian Jets Catch Two Suns On Dash Cam, Clearly Undeniable. You know the quote "Russians Don't hide it" Nibiru Planet X is Here and...

Nibiru Visible over Aberdeen Scotland – Peoples Footages from Round the...

Nibiru Footage by: Hayley Urquhart Recorded from Aberdeen, Scotland - United Kingdom. We are Starting to post Planet X footage's from all our

Nibiru: Two suns over Russia Feb/2016

Inexplicable phenomenon sight of 2 suns over Russia Feb 12, 2016. Smog and two suns in the sky in 2016 in Novokuznetsk, Russia.


Is Nibiru real? We'll there it is with no mistake.

Planet Nibiru – Visible footage (Must See) Planet X 2016 Update

Footage of planet Nibiru clearly visible in the skies of Canada. Doomsday believers call it by many names but recently astronomers have named it 'Planet...

Nibiru Visible over England

Footage taken in Hambleton near Blackpool, at shard bridge and at Cleveleys promenade near Blackpool England. Leaving the house me and my partner both...
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